Friday, February 18, 2005

Deb's Ice Tea, Part 2

My brother-in-law wrote from Washington State and gave his wife's version of Iced Tea:

"I was reviewing the 'Deb’s Ice Tea' article and it is a little different than how Toni makes her 'Mississippi Sweet Tea.' Toni fills her teakettle with water and adds 7 tea bags to it. She then boils it to a point where the teakettle is whistling at us. Most times she doesn’t get to the stove quick enough and I am the one that ends up cleaning the mess. She will then let the tea simmer for a while and then turn the burner off and let the boiled tea sit for a while. She doesn’t like to let it sit for too long; I don’t know how long that is but I have seen her redo the process if the boiled tea has sat overnight.

"At this point she will pour the boiled tea into the tea pitcher in which she has already added a full cup of white sugar and then stir with warm water as to make sure that all of the sugar dissolves into the tea. I feel that the tea is best when it has set up at room temperature for about an hour and then poured over a full glass of ice. Be sure to let the glass set for about 2 minutes so that the ice has had an opportunity to cool the tea down to a chilled beverage and then enjoy the glass of ice tea at this time."


He's suggested that we have a family competition, but wants to try his sister's tea first. Well, we'll see. Gary did offer a testimonial. It seems my niece has taken her mother's ice tea to school and actually sold it to classmates.

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