Tuesday, April 05, 2005

People Who Trash Campsites

I have a low tolerance for people who trash the wilderness. It makes me sick when people can't take a few minutes to haul their garbage to the nearest dumpster.

I'm obsessive about keeping a clean camp. As long as I can remember, I've encourage the kids to keep their eyes to the ground and pick up the little bits of garbage that always seem to litter campgrounds. They've learned to follow my example in picking up bottle caps, cigarette buts and broken bits of glass.

Last Saturday, my son and I discovered a trashed campsite about 100 yards east of ours. The last party to use this site had the sense to place all their recyclables in a black garbage bag. But the trash bag never made it down the mountain. Instead they left the bag, along with their old tent and polls, next to the firering. Animals have since rummaged through that garbage and have scattered it over a wide area.

My guess is that the campers were from Carmichael, California. I got this information from a gas station receipt dated for Friday, March 25, 2005. The receipt was paying on the ground several feet from the camp. I won't name the person who I feel is responsible because it's possible this receipt doesn't belong to the litterbugs. (However, that's not likely because this spot was clean two weeks ago.)

Please be courteous and haul you garbage out of the forest.

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