Monday, May 09, 2005

CowboyCooking.Com Fire Iron Set

Gary Smith recommended this web site the other day over at the International Dutch Oven Society discussion forum for fire iron sets.

The website is operated by The Bar E Ranch, P.O. Box 5, Clinton, Arkansas, 72031. Phone: (501) 745-8885. The owners are Tom Bob and Cheryle Elliott.

The Chuckwagon Fire Place set sells for $85. It measures: The bar is 64" long and the stakes are 48" long. The set is made from 3/4" diameter stock. Add $1.50 per foot for additional length.

The blacksmith page says the Chuckwagon Fire Place set was "patterned after a set in use around 1900 on the Holt Cattle Ranch near Hugo, Co. The ranch covered 100 sq. miles and ran 8,000 head of cattle."

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