Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fire Iron Question from Forums.IDOS.Org

Yesterday, someone posted this question on the International Dutch Oven Society discussion forums:

I'm looking for some help in setting up my posts and crossbar for my Dutch oven. The questions I hope anyone can help me with are.... How far from the coals should the cross bar be? How big (length) is a small, medium, and log hook that the Dutch oven hangs from?

A fire pit with irons that I built in 1999-2000.

My response: This is one of those areas where you have to experiment. I've had a set of irons for many years now, but mainly use them for show at cookoffs. I hang my coffee pot with boiling water over a charcoal fire.

My set came with hooks of varying lengths. I'd say buy hooks with short, medium and long lengths. If you're going to set the irons up as a two poles with the cross-piece, get sufficient hooks to hang two or three pots (Dutch or coffee pots).

You need to be able to adjust the distance the Dutch oven hangs from the fire. I can't give you a set distance, however, because fires vary in intensity. As I said, you have to use your culinary judgment. A few burned dishes has a way of sharpening that judgment.

Tonight, I'll measure my set and take some photos. I should have it all ready by evening, California time. I'll also post a few pictures of WagonCook's giant fire iron set as Dave Herzog suggested.

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