Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fire Iron Set

I purchased this fire iron set in November 1998. The set was manufactured by Campmaster, 28 East 5th Avenue, Mesa, Arizona, 85210. (Amazingly, I still have the instructions!)

Two 12-inch Lodge Dutch ovens and a U.S. Navy coffee boiler hang from the fire iron set
The iron set is designed to set up in tri-pod or bi-pod configuration. It consists of three poles, or legs, each made of 1/2-inch steel stock. The two shortest legs are 53-1/2 inches long. The longest leg is 55-1/2 inches long.

To set up, I drive the two identical legs into the ground until they're firm and secure. I place them about 40 inches apart. The third leg is inserted in the two "D" rings. It forms the cross-piece from which you suspend the hooks.

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