Monday, July 25, 2005

Camp 2005 -- Monday's Meals

Here are a few pictures from Monday's meals at Northern California FC Camp:

The recipe for macaroni and cheese. I often use the U.S. Armed Forces Recipe Service cards as the basis for my camp recipes.

At lunch, we served tuna salad sandwiches and luncheon meat sandwiches with vegetable soup and macaroni and cheese. I used the basic military recipe today with a good quality pre-shredded cheddar cheese.

Each 4-inch hotel pan holds: 5 pounds macaroni and a scant gallon rich cheese sauce.

We get approximately 7- to 75 servings from a pan with a #10 scoop.

Pizza dough for dinner. For 150 campers, I made 9 sheet pans pizzas. You yield 20 servings per pan when you use the full-sized sheet pan (18 by 26 iches).

In past years, we've baked six or seven pepperoni pizzas. This year we baked a wide variety of pizzas because the local market ran out of pepperoni yesterday.

Here's what we baked tonight:

2 pepperoni pizzas
1 sausage
1 sausage and bacon
1 bacon and black olive
1 chicken pesto (the best in my opinion)
1 cheese
1 vegetarian with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and olives
A 3/4-sheet with cheese and bacon.

We had 20 pieces leftover before calling seconds. This is the most popular meal during the week. And it's one of the few meals where everyone takes the entree.

Tonight's dessert -- strawberry shortcake.


  1. Hi! I've really enjoyed looking at your blog and reading through posts. This weekend (Thurs-Sun) is our annual church family camp, with approx. 80-100 in attendance. I feel very un-prepared this year, as I have been/will be working full time (different job) up until Thursday. Hoping everything comes together!

    I have a passion for food, and cooking, but I'd have to say a great passion for people, also. Does it take a person with a passion for not only food, but the people that they are making it for, to be a good cook/chef? I wonder.... :-)

    Hope you have a good week!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I keep trying to leave the kitche early in the afternoon! But it just doesn't seem to work.

    We have a great team this year, so there's plenty of time to relax.

    Tomorrow I promise to leave the kicteh at 4 p.m. and let my staff finish the job. Tonight was an 8:30 night!