Monday, August 22, 2005

Camp Verde Pioneer Days Dutch Oven Cookoff

I received this email from Mark Wilkins today:


When: Saturday, September 17, 2005.
Where: Camp Verde, Arizona, Community Center (in pavillion to the rear).
What: A 3-pot Dutch oven cook-off; maximum of 12 teams will be allowed; pioneer or old western dress is encouraged.
Deadline & Entry Fee: Must register, include entry fee of $25, & submit recipes by September 10, 2005; limit is 12 teams, so register early!


7:00 a.m. Setup
8:30 Judges/Team Meeting
9:00 Start
12:00 Dessert Judging
1:00 p.m. Main Dish Judging
2:00 Bread Judging
4:30 Awards ceremony & prizes awarded

For more info or questions, contact: Mark Wilkins by email or at (602) 451-3544

Cookoff rules
  1. A team may consist of two members. An adult must accompany any contestant under the age of 18.
  2. ONLY TEAM MEMBERS are allowed in the cooking area! Violators will be disqualified. One team member must remain in the cooking area at all times for fire safety reasons.
  3. Contestants will not consume alcoholic beverages during the cook-off. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only away from the cooking area.
  4. Ingredients cannot be precooked and must be combined, chopped, sliced, or diced during the competition-- on site-including garnishes and marinating. For safety reasons, no ingredients prepared or processed at home are allowed, except where health codes deem this acceptable. All meat must be USDA inspected.
  5. All cooking must be done in a Dutch oven and everything cooked MUST be presented to the judges with the exception of excess gravies and sauces, and/or cooked garnishes not specified in the recipe. Removing burnt or undercooked sections of food will lead to disqualification. Side items such as butter, jam or sauces should not be presented to the judges' table unless specifically listed in the recipe and prepared on site. Dishes must be presented to the judges' table on time-NO EXCEPTIONS. All foods submitted for judging should be displayed in the pot or on the lid. For sanitation concerns, please do not display foods on fabric. Field Judges will give time warnings periodically throughout the cook-off.
  6. Only competition recipes can be cooked during the cook off, unless otherwise specified. There should be no eating in the cooking area, but all teams should be aware of need to stay hydrated during the cook-off. Drinking water will be provided to contestants.
  7. Use good fire safety practices. Keep yourself and the public safe. You may not use propane stoves to cook your dishes. If fire code allows, propane may be used to start coals. Otherwise, other arrangements will need to be made.
  8. Know and practice safe food handling procedures. Food service gloves and some type of hair restraint (hat, hairnet, etc.) should be worn when handling food, except where health codes do not require this. The teams should provide dishwashing facilities and sanitation supplies. Coolers should be provided for all refrigerated items. Keep hot foods above 140° and cold foods below 40° Field Judges will check cooked meat temperatures prior to judging. There should be no finger licking. Tasting utensils must be washed immediately after use. Wash cutting boards between meats and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination.
  9. We encourage each team to have a current food handler’s permit from their local county to compete in the cook-off.
  10. Garnishing should be simple and complement the dish being presented. This is not a garnishing contest. Garnishes should be edible. Any flowers used in garnishing should be pesticide free and edible. Field judges have the right to request proof from place of purchase that the flowers comply with this rule.
  11. Interaction with the public is encouraged. Please be courteous in sharing cooking information.
  12. All judging decisions are final.
  13. This cook-off is the 3-pot format requiring a main dish with meat, a dessert, and a bread which must be yeast-rise or sourdough only.
Contestants will be required to provide their own Dutch ovens, recipe ingredients, cooking equipment, fuel and supplies/ all cooking will be done on charcoal off the ground. (Propane can only be used for starting charcoal and heating water for cleanup.)

Contestants will be judged by a panel of judges and field judges on the manner of cooking, cleanliness, spectator interaction, how well the food follows the theme of the cook off, and appearance and taste of entrees. All food must be presented to the judges in the Dutch oven or on the lid. All food must be prepared on site.

Entry in the cook off releases recipes and contestants for media use by the cook off committee. Reasonable sanitary conditions will be observed.

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