Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Emergency Preparedness with Camp Chef

I received this news release from Ed Quinlan of Camp Chef:


Dear Camp Chef friends,

I join with everyone here at Camp Chef to express our sorrow at the devastation, loss and pain caused by the recent hurricane Katrina. Such events are difficult to anticipate and plan for. We join you in extending our heartfelt prayers for the safety and concern of those affected. Camp Chef is working to play a part in the relief effort through its retailers and aid efforts.

As the hurricane season begins, we are reminded of the massive power of Mother Nature. From potential earthquakes to tornadoes, the list of potential hazards can be overwhelming.

Hopefully, we have put in place (or are working to do so) emergency plans for our families to help with the essentials of shelter, food and communication in times of disaster.

A Camp Chef stove can be an integral part of any emergency preparedness plan. When the power is out, the gas is disconnected or other unexpected events occur, a Camp Chef stove can help us to boil water for drinking and cook food for us to eat.

Here are some key tips for emergency preparedness cooking:

- Have a Camp Chef stove ready. Check the stove regularly to ensure that it lights and works properly.
- Keep a full propane cylinder in a safe location (not inside the house), accessible in case of an emergency.
- If you don't have one, purchase a large pot that can be used for boiling water to purify it for drinking.
- Stock a standard supply of food storage that can be used if necessary. Be sure to rotate your food storage stock.

If an appropriate opportunity arises, please feel free to discuss the benefits of Camp Chef products as part of emergency preparedness with your constituents. By presenting the products as an informational tool to assist in preparation, your constituents can reap the rewards of having an information source who cares for their prepared safety.

Please note that the American Red Cross is requesting cash donations to assist with the relief/rebuilding effort. They can be found at


Edward Quinlan
Camp Chef

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