Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More on the Cast Iron Chef Challenge for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Dave Herzog posted this message at the IDOS Forum this afternoon:


Hey everyone!

More info for the "Iron Chef" Cook-off in Reno. Prize donations are coming in by the Dutch oven full! We have 1 maybe 2 celebrities so far to be judges. You will have to come to Reno to find out who they are! I will tell you they are very famous and both make everyone laugh hysterically. There will be live music at the event along with Dutch oven reps and products available for purchase. The location is being finalized at this moment, and I should know for sure by Thursday or Friday. Stay Tuned!

There are currently 3 teams have registeried and many more to come! Hey the entry fee is only $25 bucks! And it all goes to a great cause! Come and join us.

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