Saturday, March 18, 2006

World Championship Dutch Oven Photos

Photos from the first two days of the World Champoinship Dutch Oven Cookoff are posted on the International Dutch Oven Society website.

This year, for the first time, Thursday and Friday are devoted to runoffs. The top teams from from each day move onto the finals that are being held later today.

Here are the photo pages:

Day one photos

Day two photos

The following teams have advanced to the finals:

Team #1 Keith & Wendy Fisher (Returning champions)
Team #4 Debbie & Mindy Hair
Team #5 Dannie & Patsy Phillips
Team #7 Ben & Debbie Auxier
Team #8 Bill & Toni Thayn
Team #10 Katrina Wylie & Maline Robison
Team #11 Cindy & Aimee Overton
Team #12 Kent & Nancy Pappleye
Team #13 Allen Jones & Huey Hooks
Team #14 Jay & Carol Fuller
Team #15 Curtis Wall & Dennis Baker
Team #16 Wil & Jen Ward
Team #17 Mark Brown & Bill Treadway

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