Sunday, August 27, 2006

Alton Brown's Hash Brown Breakfast

Alton Brown's new series, Feasting on Asphalt, concluded last Saturday with the crew winding its way from Monument Valley, New Mexico into the Los Angeles Basin.

My favorite segment on Feasting featured a hasty breakfast of hash browns, bacon and eggs, prepared in Linda and Woody Mettler's rolling kitchen.

Hungry for hash browns, Alton sent his production crew ahead to arrange "a place to cook breakfast." What they found was the Mettler's large Class A RV, camped at Monument Valley.

Linda gave Alton a tour of the galley, which featured a microwave/convention combo oven, sizable pantry and refrigerator and freezer with ice maker.

"Wow! That's more food than I have at home," said Alton.

After a brief segue to the history of mobile camping, starting with covered wagon, Alton settled down to breakfast.

He grated the potatoes into a bowl of water. The water is key, said Alton, to removing excess starch in the potato.

Then came the bams! Lots of 'em.

I suppose he could've skipped this part. But since Alton recovered a bottle of Emeril's Essence from the pantry, I'm sure he felt obligated.

"What the heck is that? Emeril's? He's everywhere!"

Don't stir the hash browns, cautioned Alton. Just toss with a spatula in the skillet. He looks for a crusty exterior with a creamy interior.

The scene shifted to Woody, coffee mug in hand: "You folks wouldn't believe how much coffee he used."

Alton believes in full-bodied coffee, packed with flavor. I agree. It's the only way to brew.

"He brought a pound. He used a pound."

Woody feasted on hash browns, bacon and eggs -- and a large mug of joe -- as the Alton and the crew joined in.

Next up after the commercial break: My favorite restaurant on Feasting on Asphalt.

Until then ...

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