Thursday, September 14, 2006

All Quiet Along Division Z

I returned to the Volcanoville area last night a second time to watch the Ralston Fire.

There was little activity along Division Z, compared to Sunday. The division is the southernmost of the wildfire. It's the portion of the fire that dips into Eldorado National Forest.

The threat to Volcanoville has greatly diminished. The daily update on indicates that the incident commander has pulled pulled structure suppression resources from the area.

I didn't arrive in the area along road 13N66 until after 7 p.m. I was still able to take these photographs with a tripod, zoom lens and moderate ISO (ISO 400) setting.

I plan to head up to the area again Saturday. Although I'll check Division Z for activity, I'd like to drive north on Wentworth Springs Road and get as close to the Ralston Ridge area in northern Eldorado National Forest.

But it may be tough to find a vantage point to snap photos. The Forest Service has closed significant portions of Ralston Ridge and Blacksmith Flat roads.

One of my rules is that I don't interfere with incident personnel (more on my rules of "engagement" later). My primary objective is to gather pictures of the helicopters in action.

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