Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Morrison in Spring

Saddled between Alder Ridge to the north and Iron Mountain Ridge to the south is a large Sierra meadow called Morrison. Each spring the green pasture and melting snow attracts me to the old ranch.

The place would make an ideal summer mountain resort. Horses, ATVs and 4x4s could easily replace the cattle of years gone by. Except for the occasional truck that passes by the ranch, the guests would enjoy plenty of peace as they savor the yellow pine forest.

Eldorado National Forest road 11N46 passes between the corral and cabins. The ranch sits on a large track of private property -- almost two square miles -- within the national forest. Please don't disturb the owners.

Two or three rustic cabins are situated on the north edge of the meadow. I'm not sure who owns the ranch. But I suspect a family named Morrison were the original settlers.

I suspect the ranch rarely sees cattle these days. Cattle raising practices have changed drastically in the national forest in my lifetime.

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