Monday, October 08, 2007

A Quiet Walk

Two weeks ago during a visit with my father, who isn't doing well, my sister took his grandchildren and great grandchildren on a walk around Lake Oaks Lake. Since the three great grandchildren were my grandchildren, I grabbed the camera and joined in the two-mile trek.

The walk gave the children time to work off energy. And it gave my sister and I some time to reflect on the recent decline in our father's health. In the short span of several months, cancer has robbed dad of his mobility.

It was reminiscent of dozens of walks we've taken around with mom and dad. Since moving to the senior park in 1990, the walks have been an obligatory part of all family gatherings.

As always, we walked south toward the dam and up the east side of the lake. As we walked, I saw father and son fishing partners trolling for bass. It reminded me of those boyhood fishing trips to Hatch Lake in Sierra National Forest.

And toward the north end of the lake, the bright orange asters in the community garden caught my attention. Like dad, they are nearing the end of life on earth. But the vibrant flowers had a few more days to show their colors to all who walk by.

The quiet time togrther gave us time to reflect on dad's life and his contribution to each of our lives.

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  1. Beautiful post. I know the wistful feeling as my dad is also declining with dementia. It's a hard time of life, but a sad one. Your photos are quite lovely and a nice tribute to your family