Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hand Washing Station

Your local health department brings you the 19th post of the month.

Proper hand washing is an essential skill for any camp cook, a practice that's vital to food safety. Unclean hands contaminate food. The cooks must be able to wash his hands often. And he can't do that without the right facilities.

Many outdoor kitchens lack the necessary sink and hot running water so the cook can wash his hands often. This set up gives you the tools to wash your hands with warm running water.

It's really simple. All you need is an insulated beverage jug, detergent dispenser, roll of paper towels and catch basin. Any beverage container that'll hold the heat for more than a few hours will suffice.

Heat a gallon or two of water to at least 120 degrees F. and pour it into the beverage container. The water should be on the hot side, but not too hot to burn. Add cold water to cool the water if necessary.

The diagram illustrates the requirements for temporary hand washing facilities by the El Dorado County, California, Environmental Management Department.

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