Saturday, December 29, 2007

Playin' with Trains

Rollin' down the tracks with blog. no 29 ...

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Play with trains.

It's as easy as digging the old set out of the closet, assembling the track and running a model train. Watching a model of a 2-6-0 Mogul circle the track is fun and will give hours of entertainment.

Keith and I pieced G-scale track together in his living room on Christmas afternoon. He coupled a gondola, cattle car, box car and caboose from the Denver & Rio Grand Railroad to the locomotive. As the train circled the track, Keith and I talked about trains, and I learned a little about a new class of locomotive.

As a teenager I was fascinated with trains. I spent many hours perusing railroad books and model railroad magazines, looking for the perfect track layout. It took a jar of nickels and dimes to purchase each piece of rolling stock and building.

Since passing my HO train set to a nephew sometime in the 1980s, I really haven't thought to get involved again. Books, videos and the renovation of the Diamond and Caldor No. 4 has satisfied my urge to play with trains.

I'm sure we'll get the set out again soon.

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