Monday, January 07, 2008

Grandpa's mug

Grandpa's mug
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Until my wife and I became a grandparents, I always had a hard time choosing a coffee mug at my in-law's house. It didn't feel right sipping freshly brewed coffee from a mug that labeled me as something I'm not.

It's much easier sporting a "Big Dogs Can Cook" mug than one that tells the world my children are having children. As such, I always selected my coffee mug very carefully. Each morning, I'd carefully work my way through each mug until I found one that sent the right message.

Then our oldest daughter blessed us with a granddaughter four years ago. I thought that would make the process much easier. It did for a few months. Then my mother-in-law purchased a bunch of great-grandparent mugs.

I can't win for loosing!

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