Thursday, March 27, 2008

55 degrees of flowers

55 degrees of flowers
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I had my first encounter with a you-can't-take-pictures-here security guard this two weeks ago. After snapping a series of shots of these flower pots in front of the 55* restaurant at 5th Street and Capitol Mall, Sacramento, the guard came out of the office building and told me I couldn't take pictures.

The guard was a nicely dressed young man. I got the sense that he was sent out by his boss. His instructions were, "I've been told you can't take pictures here."

Most of my discussion centered around commercial vs. private photography. The guard really didn't engage in the conversation, but just repeated his orders. I left at that point and worked my way to the bus stop.

This may be a indication of things to come for armature and professional photographers. While I agree with many precautions that we take to combat terrorism and crime, I think some of our efforts have gone too far.

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