Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cookin' on a ship of mercy

Since January, Tyrone has been cooking on the African Mercy along the west coast of the African continent. It's a job I can only dream about at this point in my life.

You see, Tyrone is the chef for the 499-foot hospital ship. Many unique aspects of the job -- like pleasing a crew from 30 nations -- would be enough to send many sea-going cooks home.

Neither Tyrone or his crew of cooks, bakers and other workers are paid. In fact, he must raise financial support for himself and his wife (an operating room nurse on the same ship).

"Imagine feeding over 400 crew members and hosting special functions day in and day out while on outreach in a Third World country/developing countries," said Tyrone on his website, (The website is no longer active. Read Tyrone's current blog at

Tyrone's blog gives you a sense of what it takes to feed over 400 crew members. Capture daily insight on cooking a a large ship with food products from around the world. Give it a read -- I do daily.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    I think we have another website in common too (besides remembered I saw your blog and email around the CCF site too...

    Thanks for the great write-up on your blog, AND you were the only one that I have run into so far that new where the origin of our work shift rotation came from!!!