Sunday, May 18, 2008

Modern cuckwagon for sale on eBay

A modern chuckwagon was posted to eBay last Friday. "This is a camp kitchen or chuckwagon. It sits 8-10 people comfortably with LOTS of work area. It is built on a 4x8 flatbed trailer .... The overall dimensions are 4x8x3 high. The tongue adds another 3 feet," says the on-line auction. The opening bid is $400. The trailer in located in Camp Verde, Arizona.

According to the seller, the trailer is "easy to pull with a small car." He figures that it weights about "400 pounds empty." Its 18-inch wheels give you "about 8 inches of road clearance." The trailer uses a 1-7/8-inch ball hitch.

"There is lots of room for all of your camping gear and a 55-gallon water tank. There is a sink with a hand pump that works well. There is a gravity fed hose faucet on the front for other water needs."

"The front storage is 4-feet by 3.5-feet. The back storage is 4-feet by 2-feet. The sides fold up for easy cargo access and nice eating counters. They are 32 inches high when unfolded. There is a propane tank in the rear storage with a post to connect the stove. A lantern sits on top of the post, about 32 inches above the top. There is a built-in 104-gallon cooler that also lifts out for cleaning."

The unit looks interesting. It may fit for a tent camper that would like to own a rolling kitchen like the old chuckwagons. It is built like my chuckbox, only on a larger scale.

If you bid and win, you'll have to drive down to Camp Verde and pick up the trailer.

PS--I'm not the seller, nor do I have any connection to him.

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