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Howdy From Cee Dub & Pen

Howdy from Cee Dub & Pen:

A lot has been happening, and there have been some changes around here since Pen and I arrived back home from our Northwest Tour in mid-March! We no sooner got the truck and trailer unpacked and it was time to pack up to teach our springtime clinics. 2008 marks the eleventh year we've been teaching Dutch oven clinics. In addition to the two-day clinics we've been teaching in years past, we held our first ever five day “Ranch Clinic.” It was a great success and we plan to hold more such clinics in the future. At the end of this newsletter we've included comments from folks that participated.

Anyway ... more about what's been happening! Every once in awhile we would get comments or emails about clips of Cee Dub's TV shows being on the E! Entertainment Channel on a program called, "The Soup." Well, one day recently I got a call from one of the producers of the show, and was invited to fly out to LA to film a piece for an upcoming special. I flew out last week and had a fun time. The show we taped will be aired sometime in early July. I guess they enjoy not only the food, but also the down-home stories I sometimes tell on the TV shows.


Cee Dub's Books On CD & A Just Scheduled Mid-Summer Clinic

In a newsletter last fall, I mentioned a joint project we were undertaking with DVO Enterprises, of Alpine, Utah. Besides being just a little flattered, we were very excited when they approached us with the idea of putting our first two cookbooks on CDs in their entirety, and making all the recipes from both cookbooks available as an Internet download.

One look at the number of their titles including The Betty Crocker Cookbook convinced both Pen and me it was a project that would benefit anyone interested in Dutch oven and outdoor cooking. With over a million copies sold of their "Recipe Organizer" software which features among other things, recipe organization, menu planning, and nutritional information, this project with DVO brings a hi-tech approach I never imagined would or could be applied to our cookbooks and Dutch oven cooking in general.

It is an understatement to say I resisted the Internet/technology revolution! In the mid 1990's I banged out my first cookbook on an old hand-me-down IBM 286 in Word Perfect. The Internet was a place for nerds to spend their free time who didn't like to hunt or fish. But, seeing how the power of technology can benefit even a technologically-challenged person like me makes this project a tremendous resource for outdoor cooks everywhere and of any skill level.

Just go to our home page to purchase the CD ( It will take a few extra days, but I can autograph the CD just as we would a cookbook. If you want to download all the recipes from the first two cookbooks, click on the link on our home page and it will take you to the DVO download page.


We are pleased to announce that a recent schedule change has allowed us to add an extra clinic this summer. We've been teaching clinics at Old Depot Antiques for several years. It is a great facility ... a covered pavilion out of the sun and rain! Click on the link below to guarantee your spot. The clinic is limited to 15 participants.

Clinic participants will be able to purchase our two DVD Set & Cookbooklet with thirteen episodes of Cee Dub's television series for 50% off the regular price of $49.95.


Our plan was to have our new cookbook out by Memorial Day Week End. Unfortunately our production schedule has been extended by 60-90 days due to factors beyond our control. We'll let folks know when it goes to press!

I don't have to tell anyone reading this newsletter about the impact of sky rocketing prices in the grocery stores or at the fuel pumps. The primary impact on Cee Dub's is that we'll be curtailing our travel schedule. When you deal in cast iron, you drive where you're going instead of flying. Fuel costs dictate that we cut the number of venues where we appear. We'll still be doing some travelling, but not as much as in past years.

Another factor impacting our travel and appearance schedule is our new job. Shortly after we returned from our winter tour, we were hired to manage Las Piedras Ranch where we've been living since moving down from Idaho in the fall of 2006.

As referenced above ... here is what a couple of folks said about their experience at Cee Dub's Ranch Clinic.

"I do not think words exist that would convey the appreciation that I would like to express to you and Penny for the clinic. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge of cooking (in general) and especially the DO. I know the week I spent at LPR was the experience of a lifetime." D. Elliott

"Words cannot express how much fun I had at the clinic and how much I learned from y'all and all the cooking. I think you have a great environment, a great product, and a great way of teaching folks how to cook with iron. You also instilled a lot of confidence in me and on how I had been doing some things....Here is a tag line for your clinics if you want to use it ... Cee Dub's Ranch Clinic, where the cookbooks come to life" F. Steele

Keep Your Coals Hot & The Drinks Cold This Summer!

Cee Dub & Pen

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