Saturday, July 19, 2008

Roadside lunch

We drove 802 miles over two days to join my wife's brother for a family gathering in Silverdale, Washington. During the 16 hours of driving, we stopped seven times to buy gasoline, stretch and eat lunch.

Our 14-month old granddaughter wouldn't let us drive more that two hours at a stretch. And, even though driving non-stop appeals to me on one level, I like the idea taking a leisure trip north.

Everyone -- driver included -- does so much better when we're able to walk off the discomfort that comes being cooped up in a truck for hours at a time.

We took Thursday's lunch at the Yreka Park, located at the corner of West Miner and South Gold Streets in Yreka, California. Lunch gave my granddaughter a chance to run around and play on the swing set. It also helped keep the budget in line since I figure gas will cost about $500 for the trip.

This was the first time that my family enjoyed a roadside lunch in 10 or more years. It points back to a time when we had little money and had to reserve our funds for lodging and one or two restaurant meals.

I think the ice chest will once again become an essential piece of equipment on our next trip.

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