Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dinner on the backheard

The crew at the Pacific Coast Railroad in Santa Margarita, California, are at it again. This time they've produced a 21-minute video about cooking on the boiler backhead in one of their steam locomotives.

The link takes you to the 41-second introduction to the video. They posted the full-length video to Google Videos. View either one my clicking on the image below.

Railroad chef Jeff "Grumps" Badger cooks breakfast and much more to the sounds of steam as he grills on the backbead. Where else can you open a tri-cock and steam hot chocolate but in the cab of a locomotive?

"It's completely organic -- lots of, like, hydrocarbons burning as you cook," said Karell Reader from the commissary crew.

Enjoy the video. Who knows when you're going to need this information on the lost art of backhead cooking.

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