Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cooking trailer for sale in Kentucky

I reveived this email from Biscuit the other day. Friends of a longtime Yahoo Dutch Oven Cooking group member Jim Harper are selling his cooking trailer. Know as Tapscrew to his friends, Jim passed from this life on February 5, 2009.

Although I didn't know Jim, he must've been a great camp cook.

Photographs of the trailer are posted here.

Here's Biscuit's description of the trailer:

My friends in Kentucky are selling Tapscrews cooking trailer. Below is a discription of trailer.

Please contact Biscuit at n5hbb@yahoo.com for more information and photos.

The price is $1,500.

Trailer Description

This customer cooking trailer is 5' x 8'. It has rear stabilizers on both sides, is wired for light and ready to travel. It is made of water resistant material and can be removed from the trailer for storage.

Cook prep area is 6' in length with a sink and side counter. Also a fifteen-gallon water tank with a battery operated pump to move water from storage to sink. Waste is collected under trailer and can be dumped.

There is storage for all things Dutch Oven, pots, fires buckets (not included). There is also room for tents, chairs, and other large items. The trail is new, used only 3 times.

Chuck wagon boxes: 3 different boxes

Box measures: 30" (w) x 13" (d) x 24" (h). Drop in lids form the closure for the box. Inside of lid is covered with Formica to provide added work space. One box has storage for dry goods, while another has storage for utensils. Boxes are made of beautiful wood with handles for easy transport.


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