Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Navy culinary specialist is a master at cake decorating

By Lt. Melinda Johnson, SC, USN, Supply Officer USS San Antonio (LPD 17)

Culinary Specialist 1st Class (SW) Adrian Dorsey has made his mark on USS San Antonio with his creativity and skill in designing and decorating cakes. Whether it’s a Navy event, re-enlistment, birthday or Tiger Cruise, he is sure to create a great cake.

He has designed and decorated cakes that amaze everyone. For the ship’s commissioning anniversary, The Alamo was his choice. Not only did it have the intricate detail, but it was draped with the Texas flag.

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated underway in Irish style with a cake that looked exactly like a Lucky Charms cereal box all the way down to the detail of net weight. When San Antonio hosted her very first Tiger Cruise, Dorsey dazzled all friends and family with a huge Tony the Tiger cake. Surface line week was marked with the replica of the Navy NASCAR. Re-enlistments are a special time for all involved and special care is taken with every re-enlistment cake.

Dorsey recently exceeded anything anyone could have even conceived for the ship’s Change of Command. He planned and prepared for this special day for months; his intent was to impress both the outgoing and incoming commanding officers.

The ceremony was marked with a one and a half foot wide and six foot long exact replica of San Antonio. This replica was complete with radar, RAM launchers, boat valley, stern gate, gun mounts and flight deck markings. There was no detail forgotten!

Dorsey began his art techniques at the Art Institute of Houston before joining the Navy. He joined the Navy and served on USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74).

While serving as a Food Service Attendant he found his calling for cooking, baking, and decorating. His inspirations and dedication are a direct result of his mentors but he is most motivated by the sheer delight and smile of Sailors and Marines that benefit from his work.

While stationed in Spain he was infamously known as the "Cake Man" and was sought out for any occasion. The Navy Food Management Team, when they opened their new offices in Norfolk , Va., sought out Dorsey and asked him to prepare the Grand Opening cake and devoted his own personal time during pre-deployment leave to grant their request.

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