Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Special report: Pricing charcoal briquettes in Northern California

By Don Mason

The other day I checked my charcoal supply and found that I was a little low. So I checked some store and newspaper ads to find the best deal. Following are some prices that made me say, “My-my!” I suggest you do some checking before you pay too much.

Red Bluff (California) True Value Hardware
2 Twin Bags: 15 pounds per bag or 30 pounds total.
Sale price: $10.50 x 8.25%*=$0.86
Total is $11.36 or 37 cents per pound

Wal-Mart (newspaper ad)
2 Twin Bags: 12 pounds per bag of 24 pounds total
Sale price: $9.50 x 8.25%*=$0.78
Total is $19.28 or 43 cents per pound

Redding (California) Costco
2 Twin Bags: 16.5 pounds per bag or 33 pounds total**
Price: $16.99 x 8.25%*=$1.49
Total is $18.49 or 58 cents per pound

**The new "Kingsford Competition Charcoal" bag gave me the impression that you are getting 42 pounds. You are getting 42 pounds of heat out of 32 lb of charcoal. What?

Has anyone used the new Kingsford Competition Charcoal? If so let us know what you found.

If you find a better prices, please let us know and we will spread the word.

*California Sales Tax in Northern California


  1. I knew it, I knew it, I always tell people to watch out for wal-mart or costco kind of stores, they get you comfortable with thinking they have the best and lowest prices and then you get lazy and quit checking around...thats when they get you...reall good prices on some things and the rest are making the profits they lost on the few. rant over.