Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Square biscuits

Campers liked my square biscuits the other morning. Square biscuits save the time of punching out individual biscuits with a biscuit cutter. And because you avoid re-forming the dough after the first cutting, this method ensures that each biscuit will be equally tender.

All I do is dump the dough onto a greased sheetpan and press it into the pan. I pre-cut the dough (6x8 or 6x9 for an 18x26-inch sheetpan) and bake at the normal temperature. The biscuits come out standing tall.


  1. Thanks, Ted. A Sysco 5# biscuit mix will fit in a full-sized sheet pan. It makes nice, tall biscuits as you can see in the picture.

  2. Now, you could make the gravy extra thick and put it through a square mold ...

  3. I've done this for a while now, but I roll it out on the table and use my pizza cutter. I like your idea about putting it in the pan first. saves a step!! Doing 500 biscuits at a time, every step saved is a blessing...