Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue Mug coffee

A cup of coffee from freshly ground beans is one of the simpler pleasures in life. A cup of a robust and full-bodied grind is the best wake up call a person can have in the morning.

I recently found a new coffee roaster in the town of El Dorado, California. Keith Berry and I had stopped by the Thursday night farmer's market in El Dorado to talk to the merchants about the then proposed railroad park on the old Southern Pacific right-of way.

When I caught up with Keith, Tom Tankersley, proprietor of Blue Mug Coffee Roasting with his wife Barbara, was handing him a one-pound bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. Until that moment, I wasn't aware of any coffee roasters in El Dorado County.

Since I had a pound of supermarket coffee beans in the cupboard, I returned the next week to purchase a bag. Tom roasts a new batch each Thursday morning.

From the first cup that I prepared in my French press, I've enjoyed Blue Mug coffee. Tom and Barbara's beans make a refreshingly clean brew with bold flavors. I'd recommend it to anyone who lives nearby in El Dorado County.

The store and coffee roasting plant are located at 6211-C Pleasant Valley Road, El Dorado, California, 95623. The telephone number is (530) 622-3630. The store is located to the rear of Books and Bears.


  1. Sounds like it was a tasty cup of coffee. We just launched a site that has a pretty detailed introduction to using a french press coffee maker and would love to hear what you think about it!


  2. Sounds good, I have been purchasing a little coffee here and there, just trying it out like I do food...I also use french press and whole bean. Its the greatest.

    In the dominican republic (and other places)we stayed in a 'lodge' of sorts...and use the espresso kettle over open flame (the old timey looking one where you screw the kettle on top of the water & coffee holding basin and it bubbles up thru the top), wow what a great cup of coffee.

  3. In San Pedro Sula (Honduras) I found some local whole bean coffee for $7 for 3 pounds, and it was pretty decent!

    As you can imagine we consumed some coffee's from around the world in those days of working in the galley ...with the international crew on board -- they gave us, and sent us coffee from their own country each claiming to have the best! One of my friends from Brazil is supposded to be sending me some.

    We did catering work for a lady who owns some 'farms' in guatamaula and after she found out I loved coffee I scored a couple of bags of that as well.

    Well, I better stop, else I need to write my own many memories attached to coffee as well...I never realized.