Sunday, September 06, 2009

Field range gasoline burner

As one who used the military field range burner for 20 years in the U.S. Navy Seabees, I initially expressed concern when Tom asked the readers of the Royal Tine camp cooks forum for advise on his M59 field range outfit. I know from first hand experience that the gasoline-powered burner can be deadly when misused.

I advised Tom to not use the burner. In its place I suggested that he to rig a propane burner in the frame of the military M2 burner.

Tom assured me that he's proficient in the operation of the burner. "I have used the burners keeping a close eye on the pressure gauge," said Tom. He explained that he will shut the burner down when the fuel tank pressure climbs above the green zone, a practice that we follwed in the Seabees.

"I worked in the place that made (the field range) before the Army changed" to the new multi-fueled burner, said Tom. He acquired the "double pots, whisk, ladle, serving spoon, strainer, and the pot rack from where I worked" by asking the owner, who gave the equipment to him.

Tom was able to purchase two new-in-box burners from a military surplus dealer. He later purchased the roasting pan and 10- and 15-gallon stockpots to complete the field range.

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