Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner's cookin'

Dinner's cookin'
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Leonard's pot rack will hold up to 17 Dutch ovens when fully loaded. Here, the 24-hour coffee pot and three ovens hang over burning embers.

I took this picture a couple hours after the one posted yesterday. By 4 p.m., Leonard dropped the 16-inch Dutch oven with the chili verde to make room for my Dutch oven bread. The chili was done and only needed to stay warm.

Unlike the other pots, which only needed bottom heat, I added a large shovel of coals from the campfire to the lid. This provided even top and bottom heat to the bread oven.

Fifteen minutes later I dropped the bread oven to the ground and finished it with top heat only.

My basic Dutch oven bread recipe is posted here. It's written for the 14-inch deep Dutch oven.

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