Thursday, April 08, 2010

Trimming the budget

At my place of employment, the kitchen is allotted a set budget each month. With just over $5 per resident per day, the money must cover food purchases, along with paperware and smallware purchases.

When I overspend in one area, I must adjust the budget in other areas in order to stay within must allotted funds for the month. It doesn't matter if the excessive spending is due to my mismanagement or for a special function. I still have to keep my spending under control.

As of last Friday, I was about $250 in deficit after purchasing food for a special Easter event. That means that I would spend about $250 oven my anticipated expenditures for April if I didn't compensate elsewhere.

Although I may be able to justify the extra expense, I instead elected to adjust the budget for each of the four remaining weeks in April, as follows:
  • Cut $60 from a planned purchase at a local big box store
  • Reduce the weekly Smart and Final shopping trip by $25, for a total of $100
  • Reduce the second semi-monthly Sysco drop by $100
I may have to forgo my planned shopping trip to the local restaurant supply store this month. Either way, I'll wait until the end of the month. I'll have a better view of the fiscal picture by then.

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