Monday, May 31, 2010

Breakfast menu

Two months ago the program director at work asked me to write a breakfast menu for the residents. She wanted to give the residents a chance to cook a hot, home-style breakfast each Sunday.

Residents currently eat a self-prepared breakfast each day. Menu offerings include fresh fruit (mostly apples, oranges and bananas); an assortment of three to four dry cereals, toaster-ready frozen waffles, French toast and pancakes; toast, English muffins and bagels; and a selection of condiments plus standard beverages.

Most residents quickly fall into a breakfast rut once they enter the program. Since the facility doesn't have the budget or staff to serve a traditional breakfast each morning, the menu will give them a chance to break the monotony one day each week.

This menu doesn't address the monotony of the current continental breakfast. Once the menu menu is put into use in a month or two, I'll have to evaluate the products I purchase for breakfast.

Ultimately, I'll only use four breakfasts since the program uses a four-week cycle menu. The remaining two meals will be reserved as alternative breakfasts.

Scrambled eggs, shredded cheese & beef chorizo rolled in flour tortilla
Home fried potatoes, fresh salsa & fresh fruit in season

Baked frittata (or omelet) with whipped eggs, hash brown potatoes & sweet bell peppers topped with shredded cheese
Sliced cantaloupe or honeydew melon

One or two hearty pancakes with granola in the batter
Fresh fruit in season, hot syrup & melted margarine served on the side

Two eggs to order, hash brown potatoes & bacon, ham or sausage
Whole wheat toast with strawberry jam

English muffin sandwich with egg patty, ham slice & American cheese
Blueberry muffin with jam & honey plus fresh fruit in season

Scrambled eggs with home fried potatoes
Country (turkey) sausage gravy served over biscuits
Fresh fruit in season

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