Monday, June 28, 2010

Randon lyrics

My daughter and son-in-law post lyrics on Facebook on occasion. I panicked the first time I read such a message.

Thinking it was an honest status update, I thought their lives were headed into a tailspin.

It took several minutes to realize that they were posting random song lyrics, usually from contemporary musicians that I've never heard of.

It's now my turn to post a random lyric, one with its own brand of despair and hopelessness. Here's a 1997 lyric by Tim O'Brien and Robin and Linda Williams:
I don't go in the kitchen, It's a wasteland to me
A place for dirty dishes and forgotten recipes
Although I purchased Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott's Real Time CD some five years ago, "Five Rooms" didn't become a favorite until last summer on my weekly trips up and down the mountain.

The eclectic blend of guitar, banjo and mandolin blues tracks seemed to be the best drive-time music as I drove to Deer Crossing Camp.

Like the lyrics posted by my daughter, these don't make sense unless you listen to the whole song. Of course, I'll likely never listen to the artists that they like.

"Five Rooms" chronicles the wandering of one man though his five-room house. Despondent over "dreams ... shattered by two hearts made of stone," he roams from room to room.

The living room brings a "flood of memories," the bedroom is off limits because he's "all alone" and he's "mournin' for the love we both cast aside" as he wanders past the spare room.

In the end, "Five Rooms" gives a "faint light of direction" from the "bathroom's mirror reflection.

Who knows what point that I'm trying to make. I guess it's nothing more than to show fathers can play the "Facebook game" as well!

In the meantime, click over to Amazon and purchase a copy of Real Time. You'll enjoy it.

Note: I posted my thoughts on Hank Williams' "House of Gold" from the same CD in 2005.

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