Sunday, July 18, 2010


We left early yesterday afternoon for a week long camping trip in the California High Desert just south of Lake Tahoe.

We first arrived in the Caples Lake and Silver Lake area only to find all available campsites taken. I'm sure the large wedding party at the Caples Lake Resort saturated the area.

After shuttling between the two lakes in our quest for a campsite, we drove over Carson Pass into the Hope Valley. My first thought was to drove south to the Blue Lakes (a favorite of my sister's family).

I wanted to check the campgrounds on the West Fork Carson River first. Just after I pulled into Kit Carson Campground, I saw the "campground full" sign. Committed, I drove through the upper loop. We found a vacant campsite and set up the trailer for three nights.

I quickly learned that a trip to the Blue Lake would've been fruitless. The campground host for American Land and Leisure, campground manager for Toiyaby National Forest, said all campgrounds were full.

We plan to camp at Kit Carson through Tuesday, then shift to South Lake Tahoe.

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