Saturday, July 03, 2010

World War II Army Air Corps field kitchen

Guest blog by David Hoxie

My brother, Danny Hoxie, and I donated a fairly complete WWII field kitchen to the 475th Fighter Group Museum in memory of our father, who was a plank member of the group. The basis of the kitchen are three M-1937 field ranges plus two of the short stoves that used the same burner, plus all of the odds and ends that we could find to fill out the display.

The 475th had their annual reunion last year in Ontario, California. My brother and I fed the reunion crowd using this field kitchen on the day of the 475th Museum's grand opening at the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino, California. We fed over a hundred people lunch that day.

We baked homemade biscuits the night before for bread for the next day's meal. This meal consisted of beef tips with carrots, new potatoes, mushrooms in a gravy with fresh cooked asparagus. It was far better than the Modified B rations that my father had to prepare into something edible.


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  2. That looks like so much fun.

    Have you ever visited Camp Ford in Monterrey, CA? It's closed now, but my dad was stationed there roughly 20 years ago.