Friday, January 07, 2011

Fire box for camp fire cooking

Here's an article that will interest most camp cooks. Over at the Roger Edison's Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking blog, the crew posted detailed instructions to fabricate and build a self-contained fire box for camp cooking. It's similar in design to WagonCook's fire box. I'll locate pictures of his set-up and post one or two in a couple days.

The chuckwagon fire box gives the camp cook a dry container to burn a cook fire. To use the fire box, the cook simply sets it up on the ground and lights the fire. The fire box eliminates the need to dig a fire pit or build a keyhole campfire ring.

Here's Roger's description of the fire box:
The fire box provides a four sided structure to hold wood inside with out the need to dig a hole or trench in the ground. It also allows the spit to be hung over the box to hang cookware for heating and grill bars along the top to place skillets, pot or griddles to cook from. Modern day, the fire box allows to set up on any surface, be it the great outdoors or in a parking lot.
Click over to Rogers's article, "Building a Fire Box for Camp Cooking," to view instructions, photographs and diagrams. It includes a complete materials list with a list of tools for the project.

This isn't a project for the faint-of-heart! It requires the use of heavy-duty metal fabrication tools like a welder and metal saw.

Have you built or purchased a similar fire box? If so, please email me with a description of the outfit and photographs. I'll post them in an article on 'Round the Chuckbox.

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