Saturday, February 05, 2011

Food labels

One of my constant challenges is making sure that all food in the refrigerators and freezers are labeled correctly. It's disconcerting to arrive at work on Monday morning and find a half-dozen unlabeled containers of food in the kitchen reach-in.

I'm usually able to identify the such food items. Occasionally a container will confuse me. If color or texture can't help, I'll toss the offending item into the garbage, unless the resident cooks can shed light on its makeup.

This leads me to a recent thread on the Professional Chefs Forum. A question posed by Chicago Chef, a new member on the forum, brought a tear to my eye.

"Just wondering what funny things you have seen on labels in the walk-in, or anywhere else in your kitchen," wrote the cook. "The other day I was going through the walk-in trying to find some bleu cheese, and was having a hard time, until I noticed the container labeled 'Bloochies' and found what I was looking for."

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