Friday, March 25, 2011

Cee Dub reduces cooking clinic prices

Howdy Ya'll,

I wrapped up my winter tour this past weekend at the International Dutch Oven Society's World Championship Cookoff in Sandy, Utah. Never have I seen or tasted such delicious food all cooked in Dutch ovens. Thanks to IDOS and the folks at Camp Chef for sponsoring my visit to this great event.

In eleven years of demonstrating Dutch oven cookin' at sportsmen's shows in the NW, I've visited with countless folks who've cooked for years with the old black pots and people just starting to cook with Dutch ovens. In the last 2-3 years I've detected a shift in what's motivating folks to expand their outdoor cooking skills. The fun and novelty of Dutch oven cooking is still there, but more and more folks tell me that given the state of our economy they're keeping their Dutch ovens handy, along with extra charcoal, dried and canned food, just in case. Also more folks are growing and preserving their own food to cut costs, and for preparedness purposes as well. People still like to eat when the power is off!

Spring has arrived here in the Texas Hill Country. Now that I'm through traveling, it's time to wrap up our winter garden and get our summer garden planted. This weekend we'll be putting up beets and picking cabbage for a big batch of homemade sauerkraut. In a month or so, we'll harvest our onions and garlic.


A reminder about our upcoming DUTCH OVEN AND BBQ CLINIC in Round Top, Texas, on Saturday and Sunday, April 9 and 10, 2011, featuring CEE DUB and PITMASTER KONRAD “TEDDY BEAR” HASKINS.

The GOOD NEWS is that we are REDUCING THE PRICE to attract more attendees realizing that money might be tighter these days. CEE DUB and KONRAD are lowering the price for the entire weekend to $500, and the daily rate to $300 for either day. NOTE that this price will be adjusted for all those that have already signed up to attend. Here's the scoop on this one-time-only scheduled event!

Throughout CEE DUB's and KONRAD's travels over the last few months around the country, some general themes rang true. Most folks don't think that the downturn in the economy is over; and, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and save money. CEE DUB and KONRAD know that by learning to BBQ and cook in DUTCH OVENS, you will save money cooking at home for family and friends rather than going out to restaurants. Plus, everyone will enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors, making the gathering an event. Here's an opportunity to beat the prices, have some fun, and eat well, too!

The CLINIC is a joint endeavor featuring CEE DUB and PITMASTER KONRAD "TEDDY BEAR" HASKINS taking your cooking skills to the next level. KONRAD's skills and experience include being a caterer, restaurateur, and competitor who knows how to barbeque everything from a dinner for two to lunch for 5,000 soldiers returning from Iraq. His classes provide a clear and easy-to-follow roadmap to success. CEE DUB will take you through making all the side dishes, breads, and desserts in Dutch ovens to compliment your BBQ events. Together, these two guys have years of experience in the preparation of mouth-watering dishes outdoors.

To answer some questions we've had: RV spaces on site are available for $25 for the weekend as well as camping and showers for no charge. Friday night Cee Dub and Penny will be there to meet and greet folks when they arrive. Spouses who want to attend the clinics may register for a discount, but must do so by calling Cee Dub at 208-340-5113. But spouses are very welcome at meal times as there will be lots of food to eat. A side trip is a visit to Brenham to tour the Blue Bell factory!

Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of learning BBQ and DUTCH OVEN cooking from the pros. Sign up and reserve your spot today!

Check out our website for cookbooks and equipment to make your summer Dutch oven cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Cee Dub's over the years!

Have a Fun & Safe Summer!

Cee Dub & Pen

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