Sunday, April 03, 2011

New 'Round the Chuckbox page on Facebook

'Round the Chuckbox ventured into the social network arena last week with its new page on Facebook. The page will enhance the ability of the blog to interact of its reader base. You can add your own status updates and comment on what others have said.

The ability to post your personal photo is one of the best features. You'll be able post personal camp cooking photos. All the normal Facebook features in photo albums, including the ubiquitous "Like" button, comments and tagging, have been turned on.

If you enjoy reading articles on ‘Round the Chuckbox, please click on the “Like” button below and join our Facebook team. I'll be using Facebook to post periodic updates and to follow up on your comments.

Welcome aboard. We'll see you on Facebook. And leave a comment or two.

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