Thursday, June 09, 2011

New camera on cell phone

I have resisted buying a cell phone with a camera since I first bought a cell phone in the late 1990s. I purposely avoided the feature. Why rely on a cell phone camera when I own a digital single lens reflex camera was my reasoning.

That was until last Thursday when I purchased an android smartphone. Since the camera is built in to most cell phones today, they're hard to avoid, especially when you have your eyes on a smartphone. The Samsung Galexy S (AT&T Captivate), with its 5-mega pixel camera, takes descent photographs.

While picture quality doesn't compare to the DSLR camera, it's a good substitute for Internet-ready photographs. In a week, I've posted several pictures to Facebook. The camera is best used for pictures-on-the- fly, like the shot of me grilling hamburgers at work.

In the future you'll see more cell phone pictures on these pages. Most will be improptue photographs of food and other interesting topics. I'll save the pictures of grandkids for Facebook.


  1. Glad to see your receptive to change! LOL Love my new smartphone upgrade I made when my contract was straight to facebook or email right to family from phone! LOVE it!!!

  2. Just as long ad you don't expect the smart phone to start cooking for you, Tyrone! I look to the "old paths" in cooking and religion.

    These phones are great. Here I am sitting in the restaurant, answering your comment.