Thursday, July 28, 2011

Notebook advise from Twitter today

During my lunch today I participated on a discussion about culinary degree programs on Twitter, co-hosted by @chef2chef and @nella22. After brief introductions (Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters), @chef2chef asked, "How many of you out there are considering a culinary program and which one?"

I'm not looking to enroll in culinary school this late in my career. I'd concider one if I could set the clock back a decade or two. When I was looking for work two years ago, I found many companies require a culinary degree. "All of my clients who pay high high salaries list culinary degrees a must have," added @RACulinaryJobs, a "chef, culinary and restaurant recruiter."

About 20 minutes into the chat, @chef2chef asked, "For those of you already culinary trained, what advise would you give to a culinary student in their first year?" Search out and accept every opportunity to learn you craft, replied @nella22. Her comment included cooking demonstrations and culinary tours.

I added my input: "Be ready to learn. Self study & constant reading have helped me grow beyond institutional food. Be curious & carry a notebook." @chef2chef echoed my advise to carry a notebook. "My friend studied journalism, and I caught to his notebook habits!" added @chef2chef.

I have advised my readers to keep a culinary notebook since beginning 'Round the Chuckbox in 2005. I find that the 200-page school composition notebook is best suited for use in kitchens, where spills stain and dirty hands leave grease spots. Save leather-bound books for other pursuits. (See an article titled "Recipe use suggestions" for my thoughts on notebooks.)

"Notepads are a must, love that advice!," said @nella22. "If you don't write it down or doodle it, it's gone!" "Exactly!" responded @chef2chef. "My notebooks were always roughed up from being carried everywhere!"

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