Monday, September 05, 2011

Code of the campfire #1

The code of the campfire says wait until the neighbor party pulls out of the camp to snag firewood remnents. Pace about or talk about your next campfire dinner, but don't enter the camp until their trailer clears the driveway.

With many campers leaving for home after the Labor Day holiday, I scoured over a dozen campsites for wood. I now have enough firewood to burn two fires each day for three days.

The camp to my north provided enough wood to boil water for our morning coffee and breakfast. Four large 18-inch wedges came from our New Hampshire neighbors to the south. The retired couple purchased the wood in Minnasota! Another site yielded an odd collection of cast off lumber.

Part two of the code says don't be greedy. Share your wood with a party that that needs wood. It's a blessing to help other campers.

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