Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A camp cook's theme song

The Marty Stuart Show on RFT-TV featured Western musical act Riders in the Sky last night. Near the end of the 30-minute show, Marty introduced the quartet's last song.

"Well, thank you. You know, Marty, anybody who's watched a western movie or seen a TV show, look carefully," responded Ranger Doug. "There's always a cook and a sidekick. Gotta be. It's in the union rules. We've had one for 34 years. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce to you our cook, our sidekick, Side Meat."

"Upright 'bunkhouse' bassist'" Too Slim came out on stage. "Howdy folks. Oh mighty fine, boys, mighty fine," quipped Too Slim, thinly disguised as camp cook Side Meat. "I've been out back there cookin'. I'm doin' the caterin' for the show now."

The band performed "I've Cooked Everything." This was the first time I heard the song. Set to the 1962 Hank Snow tune, "I've Been Everywhere," the chorus goes like this:
I've cooked everything man,
I've cooked everything man
I've made them cowpokes sing man
I've made that dinner bell ring man
I've got plenty more hash to sling man
I've cooked everything
Listen to the YouTube video. It's time I selected a theme song for "Round the Chuckbox. How 'bout "I've Cooked Everything"?

Video description: "Riders In The Sky @ The Downtown Nashville Public Library, August 2010."

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