Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reliving the chuckwagon tradition on the Bell Ranch

Chuckwagon cook Kent Rollins spent most of the month of June the "pulling" the the chuckwagon on the massive Bell Ranch in northeastern New Mexico. Along with his wife Shannon, the two fed a crew of cowboys from the ranch chuckwagon. As the crew finished work at one pasture, Kent and Shannon drove the team of horses to the next pasture, where they set up camp and worked early mornings to the setting of the sun.

Enjoy the video. In it, you'll see the chuckwagon in action and view a map of the 290,100-acre ranch. Kent also explains how to prepare Upside Down Pizza. "Them boys eat it up faster than we can put it down on the table," said Kent in the video.

You Tube description: "Not since 1958, has The Bell Ranch pulled a traditional chuck wagon. This two part mini-documentary follows the crew of The Bell and Kent Rollins, as the chuck wagon "cookie," as they revive the tradition of pulling a chuck wagon with a team for the four week spring gathering."

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