Thursday, November 08, 2012

Chef Tyrone's pulled pork technique

Chef Tyrone of the Tyronbcookin: Seasoned and highly flavored blog has been running a series on menu items from his job. Last week he featured red beans and rice along with his thoughts on two fundraiser menus (pancake breakfast and Thanksgiving dinner. Interesting food related tidbits fill the spaces in between food articles.

Today Tyrone posted the first of a promised series of short how-to videos. "I am trying out a few introductory videos from the work kitchen and maybe even my home kitchen," said Tyrone on his blog. "(Each video) will be short and to the point. If you would like more details of the video in each post, please be sure to comment!"

YouTube video description: "Cooking Boston Butt in convection oven for pulled pork sandwiches."

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  1. Been pretty busy lately just realized you plugged a post from my blog! Thank you!

    Just posted another video on sweet potatoes.

    Last week was a long one. Just finished cooking for our men's retreat all weekend after a week at my regular job in the kitchen at the academy!