Saturday, June 01, 2013

Grilled cheese extravaganza

Grilled cheese three ways was on the menu Saturday at noon. Can you guess which sandwich was the most popular?

Top to bottom: (1) provolone cheese, cilantro sauce and grilled onions; (2) provolone and cheddar; (3) cheddar, bacon and tomato; and (4) cheddar and tomato for the vegetarians.

For 75 camper and staff, we prepared 18 cilantro sauce and onion sandwiches, 18 plain grilled cheese, 36 bacon and tomato and 6 cheese and tomato. The bacon and tomato was so popular that we quickly assembled a second sheet pan (as expected!). The sandwiches were cut in half to service. That let each diner mix-n-match one, two or three halves as desired.

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