Sunday, August 04, 2013

Camp chef for hire in Northern California

It's been a while since I've  posted on 'Round the Chuckbox. I've been busy working as the chef at Oakland Feather River Camp, outside of Quincy, Calif. The summer has been fun and long at the same time! Now it's time to return home.

The summer ends in a week. After nearly 27,000 meals, Debbie and I will soon head to our Diamond Springs, Calif., home for the winter. We gave
the camp its best summer of meals in recent memory.
Since I love to cook for crowds in the great outdoors, I'm letting everyone know that I'm available to cook for your next outdoor event.

Many meals are cooked in cast iron Dutch ovens, fired by charcoal briquettes. Grilled and barbecued items are cooked over a hot mesquite fire. Then there’s Chef Steven’s one-of-a-kind surplus military field stove.

Don't want to cook at your next outdoor event? I will cook a special meal for you from a menu of your choosing. I can set my chuckbox up at your Northern California location. Backyard, hunting camp or family reunion -- any venue  will work. I'll even work from a commercial kitchen if you can rent one.

Contact me today at to arrange a Western-style feast! Menus are available upon request.


  1. Steve, what program/app did you use to make your picture look 'painted'? It looks awesome that way!

  2. Hi Tyrone: I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. There are a couple watercolor features in the 'effects' page.

  3. Chefs are necessary to bring a completed purpose,Personal Chefs conduct an in depth assessment of each clients’ food preferences not only from a standpoint of what and how they like to eat.

  4. Thanks, Robin. I was a member of APCA in 2001-2002 and attended the Las Vegas conference that year. My focus changed. I now work camps.