Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Surrounded by wildflowers

One of the joys of arriving at Oakland Feather River Camp in early May are the abundance of wildflowers. Vibrant yellow, scarlet and blue flowers spring up all around the expansive camp, which is located along the east shore of Spanish Creek north of Quincy, California. Gentle slopes, high bluffs and grassy Oak and Pine forests blanket the area.

Seasonal wildflowers claim the rich soil among the rustic cabins and tent platforms. In the month before campers populate the camp, the flowers dominate the view. Wildflower sightings are even a hot topic in the kitchen this year. I doesn't matter where you're located on the camp property -- behind the cook's cabin or along Spanish Creek -- gorgeous wildflowers brighten the moment. Even flowers with long white pedals grown in the concrete cracks on the ramp to the kitchen dock.

Please enjoy these flowers, all found behind the cook's cabin. The vintage cabin is located on a gentle forested west facing slope above the kitchen and dining room. These flowers glow in filtered sunlight throughout most of the day. They're fading now as days warm and the soil dries. They will soon be gone. And we'll have to wait for next spring for the repeat performance.

These petite Buttercups are now fading for the season. When I took the picture on May 8, they were growing on the shaded forest floor surrounding the cook's cabin at the camp. My parking spot is visible in the background.
I don't remember seeing the Scarlet Fritillary last year.  They seem to be growing in abundance this year, including this specimen  growing behind our cabin earlier this month. Today, the flower pedals are gone and seeds bearing the next generation are forming. Local Plumas County naturalist Joe Willis reported on Scarlet Fritillary on May 8.
This Sierra pink currant is growing in the fence that surrounds the electrical substation behind my cabin.

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