Saturday, August 09, 2014

Herb garden results

I transported a new herb garden to camp with good intentions. I thought it could supply a portion of the fresh herbs for the camp kitchen. Yet with little free time in the evening to tend the garden, I barely kept up with watering. Instead, the container garden served as an element of the "front yard" outside our cabin door.

My herb garden weathered the Sierra Nevada well. It will soon return to our Diamond Springs,California, home, where I plan to use the produce for home and camping. All the plants save one (the camellia plant) survived. The chive, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme are growing strong. I will soon add basil.

While I believe my idea to grow herbs for the camp kitchen had merit, the garden never produced amounts needed for large quantities of food. Next year I will continue to purchase fresh herbs from our produce purveyor. In addition to cilantro and parsley (curry and flat leaf), the cooks use fresh basil, mint and thyme. Dried herbs stand in for the other herbs.

Sage awaits wonderful fall cuisine when Debbie and I arrive home late next week.

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