Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Dutch Oven Cooking Table

The camp table's working surface measures 14 inches by 33 inches. Camp Chef's 2004-05 catalog lists the table at $74.99 plus shipping and handling. Now, can someone cut my weeds?

Yesterday, I purchased Camp Chef's Dutch oven table (model CT-32LW) from Wild Sports in Citrus Heights, California. The table, which Camp Chef catalog describes as a "camp table," is designed to relieve my back of excessive bending and stooping.

The table's winning feature is its 30-inch perch above ground level. Ground level cooking is a young man's sport. Maturity and posture have a way inducing the desire to place all cooking implements at waist level. The cooking surface of a Lodge Dutch oven sets 32 inches above the ground.

The table's not perfect in the height department. But it's an improvement over the Dutch oven firepan I've been using for four years, which sets about 14 inches above the ground. The 36-inch countertops in my kitchen are a much better work surface when you consider my 74-inch frame.
The working surface of the Camp Chef table measures 14 inches by 33 inches. A 3/4-inch steel lip contains burning coals and ash. Four removable legs make the table potable. A 6-inch windscreen attaches to the back and sides of the table. The cooking surface holds two 14-inch Dutch ovens.

In the coming few days I plan to cook several dishes from the charter issue of Cook's Country. Following my usual custom, I will adapt the recipes for Dutch oven cooking. These include apricot-glazed pork loin, lemony chicken with rice and corned beef hash.

I'm saving the grilled baby back ribs with Thai sweet chili-mustard sauce for my new Camp Chef barbecue grill box.

Stay tuned ...

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